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photo by SASSS.WORLD

Video Shot and Edited by Corey Lamar

About the artist...

As a passionate mural artist with more than 8 years of experience, Sarahlaine thrives on collaborating closely with communities and organizations to create murals and brand identity that authentically reflect their values, identity, and aspirations. Throughout her career, Sarahlaine has undertaken numerous installations within the Triangle and beyond, while also serving as a mentor, speaker, and assistant to fellow artists.

Noteworthy projects include partnering with NBA star Grant Hill and FILA to design and paint a basketball court in his hometown of Durham, NC, collaborating with TikTok sensation VicBlends to bring a vibrant mural to Hope Mills, NC, and being invited by artist Joshua Vides to contribute to an eBay-sponsored mural for ComplexCon in Long Beach, California. These endeavors represent just a fraction of Sarahlaine's diverse artistic pursuits.

Furthermore, as a self-taught first-generation Filipino-American multimedia artist, Sarahlaine possesses expertise in various mediums such as murals, paintings, digital illustration, and photo and video editing. She has had the privilege of working with prominent brands and organizations including Dreamville, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Red Bull, and eBay, as well as engaging in city government projects. Sharing her knowledge and experiences, Sarahlaine is eagerly committed to continuing her artistic journey by creating impactful and inspiring murals for communities and organizations alike.

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