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Mettlesome Theatre Mural

Painted March 2023, located at Mettlesome in Golden Belt campus in Durham, NC

Spanning 8 feet in height and 13.4 feet in width, with a subtle 3.3-foot bump out beyond the porch railing, the mural features it's focal point of an enchanting portrayal of a cosmic guardian, resembling the universe itself. This ethereal figure, reminiscent of a guardian, gracefully presents a star to an astronaut, capturing the essence of limitless possibilities and imaginative exploration.

Within the bounds of this mural, the celestial theme harmonizes seamlessly with the diverse artistic offerings of Mettlesome. From improv and sketch comedy to theater, dance, drag, readings, and beyond, the mural mirrors the collective's commitment to providing a home for local artists to dream and create.

Behind the scenes footage

let it be a visual invitation into the boundless world of Mettlesome—a place where laughter, creativity, and artistic expression collide under the watchful eye of a celestial guardian.

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