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VicBlends Court : "Create Yours"

Dimensions: 93' x 55'     Completed: March 1st 2023     

Location: Hope Mills, NC  (Hope Mills Municipal Park)

Through the collaborative efforts of Sarahlaine Calva and Ruben Rodriguez; hired by TikTok sensation VicBlends, this mural project emerged as a labor of passion and resilience. The mural seamlessly weaves together the themes of "love," "community," "peace," and “respect” forming a visual tapestry that speaks to the aspirations of the people it serves.

Painting Assistance from: Alex Figueroa, Raf Aguedlo, Genesis De Leon, Hung Trinh, and Colleen Regan

Mock-up plan for court

Behind the Scenes footage


Lead Artists; Sarahlaine Calva and Ruben Rodriguez

Ruben and Sarah with Vic

"Create Yours" not only adorns the court but also etches itself into the collective memory of Hope Mills, inviting residents and visitors alike to reflect on the values that define us. It serves as a reminder that, in this vibrant community, each person has the power to create their own unique story and contribute to the greater narrative of love, community, and peace.

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