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Harper Park Adventures


In the heart of Knightdale, North Carolina, a vibrant mural graces the walls of the town's very first mural project, "Harper Park Adventures." As a testament to community engagement, this mural was born from fruitful discussions with the Artist, Knightdale City Council, and the town's esteemed Mayor. Through these exchanges come design pitches from the artist which has transformed into a work of art that now adorns the two prominent walls facing the tennis and pickle ball courts at Harper Park.

On one side of this mural facing the parking lot, viewers are treated to an idyllic scene of three friends joyfully riding a bicycle through a lush, natureful landscape. This image is a celebration of the joy of friendship and the beauty of Harper Park, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the natural wonder that surrounds them.


dimensions: {long wall: 12’x100’ short wall: 14'x40 }


On the opposite side, a captivating typography moment unfolds. The name "Harper" is artfully disguised as various characteristics of the park and features of nature. At first glance, the name may remain concealed, but with a longer gaze, it reveals itself, much like the hidden gems waiting to be discovered within the park's expanse.

The mural stands as a testament to the vibrant identity of Knightdale, a town that cherishes its parks as spaces of connection, inspiration, and joy. It is a gift to residents and visitors alike, an artistic expression that speaks to the heart of the community.

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