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Glenwood South Vinyl Mural

Painted October 2020 located along Glenwood South

Under the guidance of Downtown Raleigh Alliance, Calva had the chance to create designs for the First Friday Hubs in each downtown district. The focal point of these hubs are to incorporate interactive specs to each panel.

Pedestrians are invited to engage with the mural, transforming the surrounding walls into a canvas of interactive possibilities. From whimsical faux chair sketches perfect for impromptu seating to strolling alongside charming dog illustrations, or even pausing for a staged call in a phone booth setting—the mural not only captivates with its artistic flair but also serves as a playful backdrop for creative photo moments. Offering subtle hints at the diverse activities awaiting downtown, this vibrant masterpiece encapsulates the lively spirit and endless possibilities that characterize the heart of the city.

Behind the scenes process

Vector files used

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