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UHill Mural Festival : "The Fae"


View the festival website here: UHILL WALLS – Mural Collection in Durham, NC

UHill Walls is a dense, walkable art experience with over 40,000 square feet of murals on 15+ acres in Durham, North Carolina. Created in the Fall of 2020 with local, national, and international artists coming together to create one of the largest consolidated collections of murals in the Southeastern United States. (Calva's first mural festival.)

Final (left image) vs. Rough Mockup (right image)

Amid the prestigious gathering of renowned artists from across the globe participating in Durham's "Uhill Walls" festival in September 2020, one mural soared to new heights – "The Fae." This towering masterpiece stands as a testament to imagination unbound. On the facade of a tall building, "The Fae" welcomes viewers with a captivating vision. It portrays a woman with cascading green hair that defies gravity, spiraling upward. Her hair, adorned with enchanting flowers, captivates the eye. She stands gracefully in a pristine white dress, set against a vibrant blue backdrop.

"The Fae" is a testament to the limitless potential of artistic expression. It invites viewers to gaze upward, where creativity knows no bounds, and the imagination flourishes. The mural embodies the spirit of wonder and enchantment, drawing inspiration from the mystical realms of folklore.

Participating in "Uhill Walls," this piece contributed not only to Durham's burgeoning art scene but also to the global tapestry of creativity. "The Fae" is an offering of beauty, a tribute to the universal language of art that transcends borders and connects souls.

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