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"Secret Garden" Park Mural

Installed Sept 2019 Located at Dorothea Dix Park

Calva was commissioned to paint two concrete outside seating areas located at Dorothea Dix Park. She likes to incorporate bold color palettes to brighten areas lacking thereof. This concrete slab used to just be a plain grey, but she was able to transform it into something vibrant for the community. With these murals, Calva didn’t want to steer away from the theme of nature, so she made sure that was the focus by including her own interpretation of flora and fauna.

Calva wanted it to serve as a tribute piece to show how beautiful nature can be and how we could use our own imagination to make the most out of it, especially during this digital age. She titled the first one ‘Secret Garden’ due to it being somewhat hidden. Stumbling upon it almost feels like you’ve discovered a secret.

Behind the scenes footage for "Secret Garden"

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