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FILA Basketball Court Mural

Installed April 2019 Located at Hillside Park, Durham, NC

Appointed by former NBA star Grant Hill, Calva embarked on a transformative journey to turn these worn-down basketball courts into a captivating canvas of creativity. This project caught the attention of the iconic brand FILA, which recognized the extraordinary opportunity to infuse art into the heart of sports culture.

Shot and edited by Linus Johnson

As you stand on the freshly refurbished courts at Hillside Park, let this mural serve as a profound reminder of the boundless possibilities that arise when art and sports unite. It stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Durham and the belief that beauty and athleticism can coexist in perfect harmony.


This mural, a remarkable collaboration between a sports legend, an iconic brand, and Calva as an artistic visionary, stands as a symbol of community pride—a space where athletes and artists alike can find inspiration, purpose, and a vibrant fusion of expression.

Grant Hill pictured with Sarahlaine Calva and FILA Rep.              Right:Photo by Linus Johnson

Calva's mural design is a fusion of her signature floral pattern intertwined with intricate geometric designs. The flowers symbolize growth and vibrancy, reflecting the spirit of those who grace the courts. The geometric patterns add a touch of complexity and rhythm, reflecting the dynamic nature of the game itself.


It's more than just a mural; it's an invitation to celebrate the harmonious synergy of sport and creativity. This artwork represents the immense power of art to transform spaces and elevate the human experience.

Kerry Washington campaigning on the courts

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