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Raleigh Storm Drain Mural Project

Installed August 2019 at various locations in Raleigh, NC

This project was funded by the City of Raleigh. The goal of this project was to enhance the visibility of the storm drains in a creative way while also promoting the prevention of water pollution. This project was followed by Calva educating a local high school in person; Needham Broughton High, the effects of water pollution and how to take preventative measures. This project consisted of 6 storm drains

Behind the scenes footage behind the creation of the storm drain murals

Sarahlaine completed murals in 2018-19 at these locations: 

  • Intersection of Lenoir Street and Chavis Way

  • Nash Square Park 

  • North Hills Drive between Dixon Drive and Northclift Drive 

  • Peterson Street right before Walnut Creek Wetland Center 

  • Intersection of Sutton Drive and Smallwood Drive

These drains are an important part of the stormwater system. They carry stormwater from streets to streams throughout Raleigh.

Project featured on the news!

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