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KIC Stairway Mural

Painted March 2022, located at 03 N Salem St Suite, B, in Apex, North Carolina

KIC (Keeping it Collective) is a vintage clothing haven located at 03 N Salem St Suite, B, in Apex, North Carolina. This intricate mural, adorning the walls of the staircase, is a testament to Calva's commitment to capturing the nostalgic essence of the 90s.

As visitors ascend the stairs, they are greeted by renowned characters and iconic imagery from the vibrant era. The mural's vivid colors evoke a palpable sense of nostalgia, inviting patrons to relive the magic of the past. Notably, Biggie's timeless rap lyrics from "Juicy" guide the ascent, infusing rhythm into the visual narrative.

Behind the Scenes footage of the mural process

A whimsical cloud mural awaits those who cast their gaze upward, creating an ethereal atmosphere that mirrors the carefree spirit of the 90s. Additionally, there is a grass-like carpet underfoot, completing the immersive ambiance and grounding patrons in the era's laid-back vibes.

Pan of the overall mural

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